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ASPRS - American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

atlas - a collection of maps.

bar scale - a line on a map used to measure distances.

CIP - contour interpolation program

Commercial Purpose (KRS 61) - the direct or indirect use of any part of a public record or records, in any form, for sale, resale, solicitation, rent, or lease of a service, or any use by which the user expects a profit either through commission, salary, or fee.

Commercial purpose shall not include:

  • Publication or related use of a public record by a newspaper or periodical;
  • Use of a public record by a radio or television station in its news or other informational programs; or
  • Use of a public record in the preparation for prosecution or defense of litigation, or claims settlement by the parties to such action, or the attorneys representing the parties;

compass rose - an object that appears on maps to identify four main directions: north, south, east and west.

DFIRM - Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map is maintain by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in cooperation with local government floodplain authorities. (Jefferson County - MSD)

DPDS - Louisville Metro Department of Planning and Design Services.

elevation - the height of an area above sea level.

geographic information system - computer and software used to explore the fundamental principles of geography – that "location" is important in peoples' lives.

grid - the pattern of crisscrossing lines on a map that helps pinpoint a particular location. 

imagery - aerial photography

legend - the key to the meaning of symbols and pictures on a map.

LOJIC - the Louisville and Jefferson County Information Consortium.

LWC - the Louisville Water Company.

LRSN - Land Record Serial Number used to link GIS PVA record to PVA’s PROVAL database which holds PVA Property data.

metadata - detailed information about data. Go to LOJIC's metadata or Data Help.

MSD - the Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District.

Parcel ID - the Parcel ID is the combination of the block (first 4 characters), the lot (middle 4 characters) and the sublot (last 4 characters) of a parcel.

orthophoto or orthoimagery - a photographic image showing features in their true plan positions. Geometric and relief  or height displacements have been removed.

photogrammetric base map - map or data produced from aerial photographs and geodetic control data using stereoscopic sources and methods.

photogrammetry - a photographic technique that gives accurate measurements of the land from photograph taken from the air.

planimetric - map or data showing only horizontal positions of drainage and cultural (buildings, roads, etc.) features.

PTD - the Planimetric and Topographic Database.

PVA - the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator.

REMF - Real Estate Master File containing property characteristic information about individual parcel. It is maintained by the Property Valuation Administrator.

topographic - map or data showing correct horizontal positions of features represented. These map or data include contours.

triangulation - a method for surveying, or measuring distances; it is a way to draw a straight line over the curved surface of the earth.

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