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This thematic map series represents a variety of maps highlighting some of the different layers of data within the LOJIC GIS. 

These maps have the following characteristics:

  • The maps are in color.
  • The areal extents is Bulllitt, Jefferson or Oldham County.
  • All Jefferson County maps include  major streets with names and major drainage including the Ohio River as well as the Jefferson County boundary and are at a scale of 1 inch  = 18,000 feet.
  • The Louisville Urban Service District maps include major streets with names and  the Ohio River as well as the Urban Service District boundary and are at a scale of 1 inch = 8,000 feet.
  • The maps are current as of the date printed on the map.
  • The data portrayed on the maps are copyrighted by MSD, Louisville Metro Government, Jefferson County PVA, and the Louisville Water Company and cannot be reproduced, copied or distributed without permission.
  • Many of these maps are included in the LOJIC Street Atlas.

The list of maps themes in this series include:

Bullitt County Maps
Jefferson County Maps
Municipalities & Census Designated Places
Community Ministries Areas

School Districts

Current FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Mapping
ZIP Codes
Enterprise Zone
Fire Protection Districts
Oldham County Maps
Fiscal Court (County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, Constable)
Municipalities & Census Designated Places
Historic Districts
ZIP Codes
Land Use 2000- Generalized
Metro Council Districts 
Municipalities & Census Designated Places (2000)
Neighborhood Place Areas
Police Districts
School Board Districts
School Districts
State Legislative Districts (2000)
State Senate District (2000)
Urban Neighborhoods
Urban Service District
U. S. Congressional District
ZIP Codes
Zoning - Generalized

These maps are available at no cost for viewing and printing as pdf files using Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF or can be ordered at a cost of $5.00 from the Online LOJIC Products Catalog. 




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