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Since 1986, LOJIC has been acquiring aerial photographs of Jefferson County.  All the photographs were taken in the spring before the trees leafed out.

Information about aerial photographs:

Year Black/White or Color Hardcopy or Digital
2012 Color Digital - Color
2009 Color Digital - Color
2006 Color Digital - Color
2003 Color Digital - Color
2000 Black/White Digital - Black/White
1998 Color Digital - Black/White
Hardcopy - Color
1997 Black/White Digital, Hardcopy - Black/White
1996 Black/White Hardcopy - Black/White
1993 Black/White Hardcopy - Black/White
1989 Black/White Hardcopy - Black/White
1986 Black/White Hardcopy - Black/White

At the LOJIC Technical Office, 9 inch by 9 inch contact prints are available for viewing and paper copy reproduction. All contact prints are at a scale of 1 inch = 660 feet except for contact prints from 1998 which are at a scale of 1 inch = 800 feet. The most current photography is available for online viewing on one of LOJIC Interactive Maps.

View the entire Open Records Products and Services Fee SchedulePDFfor a list of all LOJIC products and services fees. The following product fee information has been extracted from the Open Records Products and Services Fee Schedule.

The photo cost recovery fees are:



Paper copy of any year, contact print $2.00
Most Current Year:  
          1 - 5 frames $20.00
          6 - 49 frames $15.00
          50 - 99 frames $10.00
         100 or more $5.00
Historical Years No Charge

View Kentucky Revised Statue 61.870 - 61.884PDF which serves as the basis for our Open Records Policy and  Products and Services Fee Schedule.

Contact Jane Poole at (502) 540-6435  if you would like to find out more about these maps or if you would like to order one.

Documents with the PDF Symbol symbol are available in Portable
Document Format (PDF). PDF Help is available.




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