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Kentucky State Conference 2008

Census Data Update (LUCA & BAS) in Jefferson County (PDF Symbol, 2.37mb) - Jane Poole, LOJIC Customer Support Administrator and Christi Stevens, Louisville Metro GIS Coordinator.

Kentucky State Conference 2007

GIS Strategic Planning (PDF Symbol, 167KB) - Curt Bynum, LOJIC Coordinator

How To Make A Street Atlas (PDF Symbol, 3.3MB) - Jane Poole, LOJIC Products Specialist, and Wade Drane, Senior GIS Applications Analyst.

MSD's Web-Based Emergency Geographic Info System or EGIS (PDF Symbol, 3.3MB) - Julia Muller, MSD GIS Services and Records Manager, and Brian Meyers, Senior GIS Applications Analyst.

Parcel/CAMA Data Maintenance Using ArcGIS Geodatabase (PDF Symbol,118KB) - Bruce Carroll, LOJIC Database Specialist, and Ben Hughes, Jefferson County PVA.

Documents with the PDF Symbol symbol are available in Portable
Document Format (PDF). PDF Help is available.




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