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Our Mission...

To build, maintain and proactively support a comprehensive Enterprise GIS that promotes information sharing and the effective use of geospatial technology for the benefit of our partners, our customers and our community.


Our Values...

Partnership: We will keep the needs, best interests and success of our partners at the forefront of our actions.

Collaboration: We will seek the cooperation and involvement of our user community toward the most effective applications of geospatial technology.

Stewardship: We will responsibly and securely maintain and promote our community’s significant investment in geospatial resources.

Excellence: We will maintain proficiency in technical skills and provide innovative geospatial technology solutions.

Service: We will provide responsive, knowledgeable, effective support to meet our community’s needs for geospatial resources.

Professionalism: We will adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards according to the GIS Code of Ethics.

Our Vision...

To be the premier provider of geospatial data and application services throughout the Louisville Metro region in a self-sustained, cost-effective and highly customer-focused manner.

To provide easy and open access to all forms of geospatial information about our community to all who may need it



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