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Purpose, Organization, and Benefits of the LOJIC GIS

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Purpose—In a project summary written in 1987, "A Project to Meet Growing Community Needs," the purpose and vision of the Louisville and Jefferson County Information Consortium (LOJIC) were summed up in the following statement:

"Agencies operating throughout Jefferson County produced or modified more than 100 sets of maps annually at a cost that exceeded $3 million. Most of these maps were used by more than one entity — some by as many as five. The sheer volume of existing information was staggering and the quality and accuracy was not always reliable.

In 1985, PlanGraphics, Inc. was commissioned to study the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of a comprehensive geographic information system (GIS) for the City of Louisville, Jefferson County, the Metropolitan Sewer District, and the Property Valuation Administrator. A consortium was formed to implement the GIS and to facilitate the participation of other agencies and utilities.

Now government agencies, utilities, and organizations in the Louisville area have the opportunity to join in an active partnership that provides the most current geographic information available. The GIS will provide access to the maze of geographic and technical data generated and used by these groups. Through the GIS, custom maps and reports can be produced and complex analyses performed using the most current information available."

Now in its 20th year, LOJIC has done just that. Participant agencies have incorporated the GIS into their daily work routines. LOJIC has established precedents and award winning projects in many functional and policy areas. In addition, LOJIC continues to respond to an increasing demand for its services and to tackle challenging and complex organizational and database issues.

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