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LOJIC Strategy Innovations 2014-2015

In March of 2014, the LOJIC Policy Board endorsed a Strategy Innovation approach in assessing the current state of LOJIC and developing recommendations for best innovative practices in LOJIC governance, organization, funding and opportunities for enhanced applications of geospatial technology. The Board agreed to use a hybrid approach in this effort utilizing a mix of consulting resources and the expertise and innovation from within LOJIC partner organizations. An outside consultant would examine best innovative GIS practices in governance and funding across the country.

James Bates, LWC Manager of Infrastructure Records, and Curt Bynum, LOJIC Manager, were tasked as co-leaders to organize and execute the LOJIC Strategy Innovation (SI) effort with the goals of identifying:

• New opportunities for developing/marketing LOJIC data and services.
• New Opportunities for developing new internal LOJIC applications.
• Sustainable LOJIC organizational structure, governance and funding options.

During April-June, 2014, the co-leaders researched the SI process, developed a preliminary scope, timeline and deliverables for the SI effort, drafted initial goals, objectives and SI Team charter, finalized the scope of work for the Best Practices consultants and confirmed stakeholder participants for the LOJIC SI effort. The Best Practices consultants selected for this project included Peter Croswell (Project Manager) with Croswell-Schulte IT Consultants, Sarah Taylor and Scot Taylor with Geomorphics, Inc. and Vijay Sabbineni with SRISYS, Inc. This information along with co-leader recommendation to proceed with the SI plan was presented and endorsed at the June 26, 2014 LOJIC Policy Board meeting.

The LOJIC SI Team consisted of the following partner representatives:

Curt Bynum,LOJIC Manager, Co-Leader
James Bates, LWC Manager of Infrastructure Records, Co-Leader
Julie Buckler, MSD GIS Services and Records Manager
Debbie Lowery, MetroTS Performance Improvement-Outreach Manager
Sharon Meador, MetroTS IT Business Services Manager
Jay Mickle, PVA Mapping and GIS Team Director
Jane Poole, LOJIC Customer Support Administrator

Using the Strategy Innovation approach defined in the book, The Power of Strategy Innovation, by Robert E. Johnston, Jr. and J. Douglas Bate. and after over a year of extensive research, the team completed its work in July 2015 with a final presentation with recommendations to the LOJIC Policy Board. Key documents created during this process include:

The Strategy Innovations Team Charter PDF symbol
LOJIC Strategy Innovation Discovery Brief PDF symbol
Status of LOJIC Operations and User Community PDF symbol
Report on National Survey of Multi-Organizational GIS Programs PDF symbol
Best Innovative Practices Report PDF symbol
Recommendations on LOJIC Governance, Funding and Operational Improvements PDF symbol
LOJIC Strategy and Innovation Team Recommendations PDF symbol
LOJIC Strategy and Innovation Team Recommendations PresentationPDF symbol

If you have questions or comments, please contact Curt Bynum, LOJIC Manager, at (502) 540-6121 or bynum@lojic.org.

Documents with the PDF Symbol symbol are available in Portable
Document Format (PDF). PDF Help is available.




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